sell coins Staten IslandCoins will always have value. You can look right on the face of a coin and find out how much it is worth. Before you spend older coins, though, you may be able to sell coins in Staten Island for even more than the face value. If you have a bunch of old coins, they may be worth more than you think. By bringing them into Gold Rush, we can tell you just how much you can earn by selling them to us.

Sell Coins in Staten Island for Cash

Cash can be earned when you sell coins in Staten Island. If you have been looking for a way to pick up some extra cash, the answer may be sitting right in front of you. Maybe you have a bowl of old coins on your dresser. Maybe you have a box filled with commemorative coins. It doesn’t matter what kinds of coins you have – bring them in and see what the cash value is for them.

Silver dollars and Franklin and Liberty half dollars are worth more than the $1 and $0.50 that the face tells you they are worth. All silver coins that are dated before 1964 are also going to be worth more than face value. If you’ve been staring at the same glass jug of coins for the past 50 years, you may have a lot more than you think in there.

American gold coins, commemorative coins and all sorts of other coins have a value, too. When you want to make cash and sell coins in Staten Island, it’s important that you find a place that knows about coins to ensure you get the highest value possible. If you don’t take your coins to the right place, you may only get pennies above face value – and that means that you aren’t making out as well as you could.

Sell Coins in Staten Island Quickly

Lots of places buy coins. The problem is that lots of places either give your coins a quick once-over and then spew a number at you or they want to take forever to look at the coins because they aren’t familiar with the coins enough to be able to value them in a timely manner. While there are some coins that require a little research, a coin buyer should be able to tell you what most coins are worth in under a minute.

Especially if you have a lot of coins and a lot of different coins, you want to get a good value for them. You want to get in and get out with your cash. If the coin buyer turns it into an all-day project, you will become frustrated and the amount you make won’t seem as impressive because you will have wasted all day in order to get it.

At Gold Rush, you can sell coins in Staten Island easily. We have years of experience with coins and can value them in front of you while you wait. For added convenience, we pay cash. This means you can be in and out quickly – and have a wad of cash in your pocket to make it worth your while. You can always stop into our location to have your coins valued or you can call or email us to find out how much a certain coin is worth and what we will pay you for it.

cash for gold Staten IslandCash for gold in Staten Island almost seems too good to be true. Take a look around your home. You may have gold that you can part with in order to get cash. All you have to do is gather it up and bring it into a location that pays you cash. At Gold Rush, you can bring in as little or as much gold as you have and walk away with cash. What’s more is that you can choose whether you want to sell it or pawn it.

Sell to Get Cash for Gold in Staten Island

Cash is a great thing. You might need it for your bills, your rent, or other things that are coming up. You may also want to treat yourself to something special – a vacation, a fancy dinner, or even some new clothes. For any of these things, you need cash. Cash for gold in Staten Island is possible, so you might as well dig through your jewelry box and find out if there are some gold pieces that you no longer have a need to keep around.

Gold is based upon weight. 10 k gold is worth a little less than 14 k gold and that’s worth a little less than 24 k gold. Regardless of what kind of gold you have, it has a value – and a high one at that! You will be able to bring all of your gold into a location that pays cash for gold in Staten Island. They sort the gold, weigh it and then pay you by the ounce based upon current market value.

You might be shocked to find out how much your gold is worth. Broken chains, old gold coins, ugly jewelry that has been handed down through the generations – if it’s gold, you can sell it. There’s no sense keeping gold locked away that you never plan to wear and that you never plan to display. It has a value, so you might as well cash in on it.

Pawn to Get Cash for Gold in Staten Island

In today’s economy, there are times when you find yourself a little short on cash. Maybe you just started a new job and you don’t get your first paycheck for another week. Maybe you had some unexpected expenses this month and now things are a little tight. Regardless of why you are short on cash, you can get cash for gold in Staten Island.

Pawning your gold may be the best option for you because it allows you to get all of your gold back. It is a short term loan that allows you to use cash how you need. Then, when you get your finances in order, you pay back the loan and get your gold back. Especially if the gold has sentimental value, this is the best way to make sure you have cash for whatever you need. Best of all, you get the short term loan without any kind of credit check.

When you want to get cash for gold in Staten Island, there’s only one place to go. At Gold Rush, you can always be paid cash. This means you don’t have to be bothered with a place that wants to give you a store credit or write you a check. You bring gold into us, we weigh it, and then you hold out your hand so we can place cold, hard cash into your palm.

silver buyers Staten IslandIf you want to sell silver to make cash, you have to find silver buyers in Staten Island that you can trust. This means that you need to understand how a location calculates what your silver is worth. You never want to be taken advantage of, so understanding the process will go a long way in helping you to sell your silver for the best amount that you can.

Trust Silver Buyers in Staten Island

There are some silver buyers in Staten Island that don’t give you the full value of silver. Silver is based upon current market value and it is constantly changing. What you sell your silver for today may be more or less than what you sell it for tomorrow – and it is not always known what the next day’s price is going to be.

When you find silver buyers in Staten Island, you need to make sure they are paying you based upon the current market price. This means they should have no problem showing you the reports that clearly state what the price is per ounce. This is what they should be paying you – without any kind of additional fee taken out for them.

The price that you are paid for silver is based upon the weight of the silver that you bring in. If you have 18 ounces of silver and the current market price for silver is $20 an ounce, then you would make $360. The silver is placed on a scale and then you should be shown what the scale says so you know that the location is not trying to rip you off.

Only solid silver has value. If something is silver plated, it will be handed back to you as it has no real value. Sometimes a location will look for markings to determine whether it is solid silver or if it is plated. Additionally, there may be tests to run to confirm if the silver is solid or not. If your silver is tarnished, don’t worry about cleaning it, either. Simply bring it in. Shining the silver will have no impact on the value.

Find Silver Buyers in Staten Island

Finding silver buyers in Staten Island is never a problem. There are always people who are willing to buy the silver that you have. What you need is a company that’s going to pay you top dollar. This is where the reputation of the silver buyer comes into play. If you don’t like the offer that a place gives you, then don’t accept it.

You should be able to bring in any kind of silver that you have, regardless of quantity and condition. This includes such things as jewelry, coins, flatware, and even household goods. If you have broken silver or tarnished silver, it is still of value and that means that you can sell it for cash.

When you want to find silver buyers in Staten Island, you can visit Gold Rush at 51C Richmond Hill Road. With hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you always have the ability to sell the silver that you have for cash. You can stop into the location, send an email or pick up the phone and talk to someone. This will let you know how much you can earn for your silver even before you make the trip into the store.

sell watch Staten Island

You may want to sell a watch. When you say, “Let’s sell my watch in Staten Island,” you have to be realistic as to where you sell it and for how much. It’s important that you get the highest value possible for it. You also want to be able to sell it without a lot of hassle. By going into Gold Rush, you can walk in with a watch and walk out with cash in less than 30 minutes.

Sell My Watch in Staten Island for a High Price

It’s important to make sure you sell my watch in Staten Island for a high price. You may be able to get more than you think – and the only way to know for sure is to make some comparisons. This doesn’t mean you have to go into a bunch of shops. All you have to do is pick up the phone, tell a place what kind of watch you have and ask what kind of money you can get for it.

You also want to look at the reputation that the buyer has. You can read reviews about others who have gone in to “sell my watch in Staten Island” and see what kind of experience they had. When you find a place where people have had repeat positive experiences, you know that you can sell your watch and get a good value for it.

Gold Rush has the kind of reputation that you want out of a watch buyer. Buyers are constantly paying a high value for good watches. Whether you have a Bulgari, a Rolex, or any other luxury watch, you can bring it in and get a good price for it. Best of all, you are paid in cash. This adds to the convenience when you want to sell your watch to earn some money.

Sell My Watch in Staten Island without Hassles

A lot of jewelry buyers like to give you the run around. They want to see documentation on the watch because they don’t know how to tell a real watch from a fake one. They also want you to leave the watch with them for a day or two so they can have it appraised. When you want to sell my watch in Staten Island, you don’t have a day or two and you certainly don’t want to leave your watch in the hands of a stranger.

Hassles shouldn’t be part of the deal when you want to sell your watch. It should simply be that you bring your watch in, a buyer looks it over, tells you what you have, and makes you a cash offer. At Gold Rush, it is that simple – and that’s why the reputation is what it is.

In less than an hour, you can sell your watch at the Gold Rush location in Staten Island. You bring in your watch. If you have documentation on it, great. If you don’t, it’s not going to stop you from being able to sell it. The buyer will tell you what you can make by selling it and then you choose to go through with the deal or not. If you don’t have the time to stop in, you can also call or email to find out what your watch is worth.

If you want to sell my watch in Staten Island, you can do so easily. It’s all about finding the right place to sell your watch – and that’s Gold Rush on Richmond Hill Road.

sell watches Staten IslandDo you have watches that you never wear? Whether they are older watches that are out of style or you inherited them and have no use for them, you can sell watches in Staten Island. Instead of dealing with eBay or any place else to try and make cash for your watches, you can bring them into Gold Rush where we will pay you in cash.

Sell Watches in Staten Island of Any Brand

Learn how to sell watches in Staten Island so you can earn cash for rent, vacation, or anything else that you want.Watches can be sold as long as they have value. Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe and many other brands are out there when it comes to watches. When you want to sell watches in Staten Island, they don’t even have to be in working condition. Often, a broken watch can be repaired by the place that is buying it from you – and that means you make a bigger profit when you aren’t the one paying for the repair.

If you’re not sure how much your watch is worth – or whether it is accepted – you can call the location. Our buyers in Staten Island are happy to answer questions in terms of what brands we buy so you don’t have to make the trip down to our location for nothing. If you know the model and some other details, we may even be able to tell you how much we’ll pay for it.

If you don’t wear the watch and you need cash, it makes sense to bring it down and sell it. You may not like the watch, but it likely has some value – and you can cash in on it easily. Watches hold their value tremendously. You may be surprised by how much your watch is worth. If it’s in high demand, you may even get more than what you paid for it – it all has to do with the brand, the model, and the condition that it is in.

Sell Watches in Staten Island for Cash

Cash may be needed for any number of things. You might want cash for paying your rent, taking a vacation, or even buying gifts for those you love. Regardless of why you need the cash, you can get it simply by selling watches in Staten Island. We will pay you in cash so you never have to worry about cashing a check or figuring out what you are going to do with a store credit.

How much cash can you earn from watches? It all depends on the make and the model of the watch. Obviously a Rolex is going to be worth more than a lesser brand. As long as we can confirm the authenticity of the watch, we will give you a good value for it. Reputation is important when finding a place to sell watches for cash and our reputation is great.

Any kind of watch that you have lying around your house may be able to generate cash. There’s no harm in bringing it in and having a buyer take a look at it. The watch that you got as a gift a few years ago that you thought was a knock-off may be the real thing. When you were disappointed that a loved one left you a watch instead of cash in their will, you may still have the opportunity to turn it into cash.

Sell watches in Staten Island for cash by visiting Gold Rush at 51C Richmond Hill Road in Staten Island, NY. It may be the easiest way to earn cash.

sell diamonds Staten Island

When you sell diamonds, you want to make sure that you are getting the high-value you deserve. You already know how expensive diamonds are. You know that the larger the carat, the larger the price tag will be. If you want to sell diamonds in Staten Island, you need to find a location that is going to provide you the high-value you know your diamonds are worth.

Sell Diamonds in Staten Island for Cash

You have the ability to sell diamonds in Staten Island for cash. While diamonds are worth a lot of money and you have the potential to be paid thousands of dollars for your jewelry or loose diamonds, it is still possible to receive your payment in cash – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Being paid in cash is all about convenience. A store credit probably isn’t going to do you any bit of good because you need the money to pay bills and handle all sorts of financial obligations. A check may be time consuming to deal with, especially if you don’t have a bank account. Cash is the universal way to pay for anything – and therefore when you sell diamonds in Staten Island, NY, you want to be paid in cash.

If you want to sell your diamonds, there are some things you want to do to guarantee that you are being paid the highest value. First, contact two or three companies and show them what you have. Make sure the company is telling you how they came to the value that they are giving you for your diamonds. Second, find out if they are going to pay you in cash. Third, make comparisons and find out who has the best offer for you. We guarantee that you will find Gold Rush to come in with the best offer each and every time.

Sell Diamonds in Staten Island to the Right Place

You will know the right place to sell diamonds in Staten Island to when you come across it. The company shouldn’t care what form your diamonds come in – necklaces, earrings, rings, or loose. They should focus on the 4 Cs of diamonds to make sure you are getting what the true value of the diamonds is. The buyer should also weigh and test everything in front of you.

There should never be an uneasy feeling when you sell diamonds in Staten Island. Some signs that you may be getting ripped off include:

- They take the diamonds out of your sight

- They don’t tell you the carat weight and color

- They offer you a store credit

When you take the diamonds that you want to sell into Gold Rush, you will never have those problems. We are very open about how we issue values to the diamond jewelry. This is why we have been able to establish the premium reputation that we have. Check the reviews online or read the testimonials on our website – people love selling diamonds to us because they know they are going to get a high value.

Curious as to what your diamonds may be worth? You can bring the diamonds into us at our Richmond Hill Road location in Staten Island or you can give us a call at 718-494-2274. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we don’t answer the phone, just leave us a message and we’ll return your call quickly so you can learn more about your diamonds.

diamond buyers Staten Island
Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. You may have loose diamonds or diamonds that are set in gold, silver, or platinum. If you no longer want the diamonds or you simply are in need of cash, you can visit diamond buyers in Staten Island and be given a variety of options. At Gold Rush, we are diamond buyers that give you two different options for you to choose from based upon your situation.

Diamond Buyers in Staten Island Will Buy Diamonds

Our diamond buyers in Staten Island will buy the diamonds from you. What this means is that we will calculate the cut and clarity and carat weight as well as the color to determine the value of the diamond. We will then explain to you how we came up with the value and make you an offer. You can then choose to take that offer or not.

You may feel better about going to a few different diamond buyers in Staten Island before you sell your diamonds. This way you can get a few different offers and find out who is giving you the best rate. We are confident that our buyers pay more than any other diamond buyer in the area. This is why so many people choose us to sell their diamonds to because we have a great reputation for paying a large amount for diamonds.

It doesn’t matter whether you have yellow diamonds, chocolate diamonds, blue diamonds, or any other kind of diamond. We love diamonds and we are interested in seeing what you have. If you would like to sell diamonds, we are the diamond buyers in Staten Island that you want to see. Simply stop on by our location, call us, or send us an email to learn about what kind of offer we can make. Once the offer goes through, we will pay you in cash.

Diamond Buyers in Staten Island Will Loan Cash

You may not always want to sell your diamonds. You may simply want to get some quick cash. As diamond buyers in Staten Island, we also work as a pawn shop. This means that you can simply bring in your diamonds and we will give you a short-term loan. Especially if your diamonds has sentimental value, you may not want to let them go.

The diamonds that you bring in will simply act as a form of collateral. We will give you a short-term loan. When you pay back the loan, you get your diamonds back – it is not simple. There are not many places that will accept diamonds as a pawn – and certainly not for the kind of money that you want to borrow. We appreciate and understand the true quality of diamonds and we will price them accordingly in order to give you the kind of money that you need.

Whenever you want to get cash and you have diamonds, you want to find a company that is going to give you the kind of cash that you want. Whether you simply want the cash to be able to go on vacation or do whatever or you need to borrow the money, diamond buyers are going to give you more money because they know how to value a diamond. Our diamond buyers have a lot of experience and we look forward to helping you with any of your monetary needs.

We welcome you to stop into our Richmond Hill Road location in Staten Island or you can give us a call at 718-494-2274 for more information.

When you have gold that you want to sell, it is important that you find the right place to sell it to. Additionally, you want to find a place that will pay you cash. At Gold Rush, we will make it easy review to sell your gold because we have a simple process and our

buyers are known to pay the highest prices and anyone in town – and this is something we guarantee.

We Buy Gold in Staten Island with Cash

It is important that you find someone that will pay you in cash. When you decide that you want to sell your gold, you don’t want a store credit and you don’t want to have to deal with the check. Being paid with a check can take a significant amount of time to cash – and you may even have to pay fees in order to cash it. This means that you will not get the full value for your gold and this simply isn’t acceptable.

When we buy gold in Staten Island, we pay with cash. This means that within a few minutes of walking in with your gold, you can walk away with cold hard cash in your hands. Regardless of where you decide to sell your gold, you want to ask how they paid before you hand over your gold. If they don’t pay you in cash, you want to come into our location on Richmond Hill Road. We will always pay you cash for gold that you bring in.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gold you want to sell. Whether you want to sell gold jewelry, gold coins, or anything else, we buy gold in Staten Island. It is that simple. You have two options when it comes to selling the gold to us. You can sell it for cash or you can pawn it to us if the gold has sentimental value and you simply need a short-term loan. We are always looking out for you and this is why we offer the different possibilities to you.

We Buy Gold in Staten Island of All Kinds

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for ways to sell your gold. We buy gold in Staten Island of all kinds. Whether you have jewelry, coins, collectibles, or anything else made out of gold, you can bring it into us. We buy 10 carat, 24 carat, and every type of gold in between. Each type of gold have a different value and we will sort it all out before giving you a price.

The price of gold varies from day to day. We will always give you the rate for the day to ensure that you are making the most possible on your gold. When we buy gold in Staten Island, we are paying the highest price possible – and this is something that we guarantee. You will be able to bring in your gold and no with confidence that you are making the most money possible. If you find anyone who is paying higher, simply let us know and we will take care of the situation.

All you have to do is bring in the gold. It doesn’t have to be clean and it doesn’t even have to be in good condition. Whether it is broken or not, it still weighs the same – and the weight of the gold is how we pay you.

Today’s Jewelry Selling Experience

It is simply amazing when you take a look back and see just how far our economy has fallen. It wasn’t that far back when almost anyone could walk into any number of stores – big box or speciality – and buy quality affordable gold, silver, diamonds and more. No matter if you wanted to buy your loved one that diamond anniversary ring or gold anniversary set you could do so with ease. Now just ask those who are making such purchase what the market is like. You can be sure that they will tell you that prices are much higher than ever before. It is no wonder that many people are making the decision to sell their jewelry and precious metals today. The opportunity to turn a considerable profit is simply too good to pass up.

There are many reasons as to why the jewelry sales industry has surged so high. Besides the obvious fact that a great deal of jewelry contains gold which is well known for retaining its value, the diamonds and other jewels that can be present are also excellent at holding their value. Remember that many precious stones are only available to the market in limited quantities due to supply issues. By buying up unwanted jewelry, businesses can return the precious metals and gems to the market for resale. Also, buying and selling gold, silver and gemstones helps to keep the market liquid rather than having too many investors sitting on large quantities and having an artificial effect on the market.

The trouble that many are running into is that there are many unscrupulous buyers out there who have their self-interest in mind. You may have seen the advertisements announcing gold, silver and jewelry buyers holding a large event at one of your local hotels. Take a look around Brooklyn and the Bay Ridge area. You will undoubtedly see tons of pawn shops advertising their willingness to take your valuables off your hands helping you to make some money in the process by offering cash loans with your jewelry and gold or silver as collateral. It certainly means that working with the right business to get you the most money for your jewelry is a must.

Here at Gold Rush we always keep our clients well informed. Knowing how cut, clarity, carat, weights, and other such variables make a difference in the value of your jewelry will help you to be much more at ease. You should always feel comfortable in your final decision to sell. Never trust your jewelry sales to a temporary gig at the local hotel or a plain jane pawn shop. Work with a business that will keep you informed and treat you like you deserve.

From an Art Form to a Form of Currency – Why Does Jewelry Hold Its Value?

The history of jewelry is quite long and varied. The oldest known example is Nassarius shell beads that are thought to be over 100,000 years old. While jewelry has come to be created from a huge variety of materials including glass, porcelain, and naturally occurring gemstones such as diamonds, one thing has remained rather consistent. Jewelry has almost always carried some sort of value whether for trade or monetary purposes. Some cultures have even relied upon jewelry as a wearable source of payment. When paying for goods or services they would allow a portion of a bracelet or other such item to be cut away.

The question that many ask is why jewelry unlike other valuables tends to hold its value. Parts of this answer lies in the materials used in the making of each piece. Diamond, gold, silver and other precious stone and metal buyers look for pieces that can either be resold as is or can be separated into their separate components and then resold. In a market such as todays, the cash for gold far outweighs the value a piece may retain if left whole.

An individual looking to sell diamonds or other such gemstones will find that their rings, necklaces, bracelets and more will typically be bought, separated into individual pieces, and then the gold or silver will typically be melted down for resell. This ability to combine or separate components into different pieces of jewelry is another major part of what helps the gold, stones, et al retain their individual value. Then there is the sentimental value that some individuals place on their own jewelry. Whether it was a ring passed down from a beloved grandparent or one’s mothers ring, there is a certain amount of personal worth that people will almost always attribute to certain pieces.

One thing that those looking to sell gold for cash should remember is that sentimental value does not translate into true market value. Just because you feel that Grandma’s engagement ring is worth a ton doesn’t make it so. In such cases, it is important that rather than working with some generic pawn shop you work with a well versed, experienced gold and jewelry buying business.

Such a business will take the time and spend the effort to ensure that you understand the true value of the pieces you are selling so that you may make the best decision possible. Your jewelry, whether it is that diamond necklace, some old gold or silver rings, or other such pieces, will likely have true value. Rather than simply popping into the first shop you find in Brooklyn make sure that your chosen jewelry buying agent will offer you the level of customer service you deserve.