Cash for Gold in the Gravesend area

You might be surprised to learn that most people have a fair amount of gold today, and you might even have some yourself. With the price of gold being as high as it is today, it is easy to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of a fairly small amount of gold. At We Buy Gold we will offer you top dollar for every ounce of gold, silver, platinum or other valuable items you bring in. We are here to help you get as much money as possible for your items.

Services of Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold is a pawn shop that serves the 11223 zip code, and surrounding area. We offer our customers a variety of services including the option to sell us items, or get cash loans for them. One of the things we do most of is purchase items from customers, and resell them. We will buy virtually anything of value, but the following is a list of some of the most popular items people bring in to give you some ideas.
• Precious Metals – We buy gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal. With the prices of these items at near record highs you can get a lot of cash for even small pieces.
• Jewelry – Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anything else you can think of. We will either clean it up and resell it or take it for the value of the precious metals or gemstones it contains. We’ll take items that are damaged or broken too!
• Watches – Any style watch from simple to luxury, we’ll take a look and make you a fair offer for it.
• Coins – Gold and silver coins are a very popular item today and you can get a lot of money from even just one coin. If you’ve got rare or collectable coins you can earn even more!

Cash Loans

If you’re not interested in selling items, but you still need to get your hands on some cash then we can offer to pawn an item for you. The way this works is you bring something in that is of value. A box of gold coins, for example. We’ll appraise the item and give you an offer for it. If you accept, we’ll pay you in cash just as if we purchased the gold from you. Instead of reselling the coins, however, we’ll store them in our insured and secured room for you. You’ll have four months to repay the loan in full, plus interest, and then you can have your items back.
Many people use this type of cash loan as a sort of emergency fund since they can have access to the money they need quickly and easily, and then they can get their belongings back when they have the money. You can then bring it back in for another cash loan if you ever need to again!