Cash Loans

You may have an immediate need for cash and have an item of value, but you do not wish to sell it. Not only are we buyers but we also make cash loans. Instead of selling it we can offer you a low interest loan so you can get the cash you need without sacrificing your possession. Our pawn loan service provides the perfect alterative to selling. We provide cash loans for gold, silver, jewelry, watches, coins, and many other items. If you feel your item may have value but are not sure, bring it in for a free appraisal. You may leave with the cash you need.

How a Pawn Shop Loan Works.

Most loans are provided for a period of four months. You may pay back the loan with interest anytime prior to that date. You may also extend the loan by paying the interest on it. Thirty days prior to the last payment date you will receive a reminder that the due date is approaching. Due to the fact that your item is locked in a safe on premises with entry limited to certain key persons, we require 24 hours notice when you are pick up your item. That way it will be waiting for you when you arrive. That way you avoid waiting or making a second trip.

Our cash loans are an excellent way for you to get the cash you need without the hassle of going through the annoying credit check process. It is quick and easy. Just bring in your diamonds, gold, silver, coins, watch, or whatever you have of value and walk away with the funds you need for that emergency, last minute gift, or any other need you may have.