Coin buyers

Coins Buyers Staten Island in New YorkCoin buyers everywhere across Staten Island are fighting to connect with those of you who are looking to sell some or all of their coins in return for some spare cash to spend on other more exciting things. But at a time when potential buyers everywhere are falling over themselves to offer you the “best prices”, how can you be sure which ones to trust? And how can you be sure that when you do come to sell coins that you are actually getting the best possible prices that they are all claiming to be offering you?

Well the task of differentiating between the reputable and reliable dealers, and those less scrupulous companies who are simply out to make a quick profit, has never been an easy one.
And this daunting prospect means that the task of going out to trade in your coins and raise the kinds of spare cash you would like to, is being made every more difficult.

Gold Rush is a Staten Island based coin retailer, who is fighting to turn that situation on its head. We want to make the process of releasing some much needed equity by going out to sell coins, into one which is quick and easy to do.

Gone are the days when you would have to take your prized coins around every buyer in town and barter them off against each other to secure the best buyback prices you could possibly squeeze out of them.

All you need to do now if you are looking to sell your old and unwanted coins for cash, is pop down and visit the friendly team at Gold Rush for an expert and professional value assessment. We offer a free value assessment to all of our customers with absolutely no strings or obligations attached. Quite simply, if you’re not “wowed” by our excellent customer service, and our outstanding valuations, then you’re free to walk straight back out with your coins at any point.

Selling your old coins should not be a hard and nerve racking activity. When you go out to trade in those old coins, the chances are that you are doing so with a degree of sadness and anxiety to begin with. And these feelings are not made better when you walk into the lion’s den of the coin buyers whom you will find scattered across Brooklyn.

Coins Buyers Staten Island in NY

Here at Gold Rush, when we say that we offer the best prices in Brooklyn, it’s not just hot air. Far, far from it in fact. That is why we have laid down a challenge to our customer. That’s right, we challenge you to find a better buy back price elsewhere. That is how confident we are that you simply won’t be able to do it.

So when you come to sell your old coins in Brooklyn and Staten Island, there really is nobetter place to be than Gold Rush. Don’t forget, you can always give our team a call today and have a chat with us on the phone if you would prefer!