Pawn shop

Pawn Shop Staten Island in NYWhen it comes down to finding a pawn broker in Brooklyn or Staten Island, residents are truly spoilt for choice. These days, with the economy and job markets struggling as much as they are, it seems like every other store on the high street is a pawn shop.

But here at Gold Rush, we think that the people who shop in these stores should harness this opportunity to make sure that they utilise company competition effectively, and get the best possible deals out of pawn specialists throughout Staten Island. While the current economic times may indeed lend themselves to a boom in the trade and profit levels of many Brooklyn based shops, one thing that many retail users are failing to see, is the opportunities which these pawn retailers can bring for them.

Pawn shops are, and have always been, an essential part of Brooklyn life. They provide a great source of emergency cash for people and families who need it the most. And what’s more, they provide that cash in an easily accessibly format.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how pawn brokers work, the next couple of minutes – we promise – will be enlightening and relieving. If you are struggling to scrape enough cash together this month, or have had an unexpected and unplanned for bill arrive, then you may be interested to know that these Brooklyn and Staten Island based pawn shops may well provide the perfect solution to your problem.

A Staten Island or Brooklyn based pawn broker such as us here at Gold Rush, is a specialist shop you can go to if you need to get your hands on some small amounts of cash quickly. Shops like us work by loaning you a small amount of money for a short period of time – usually around 1 month, although this varies from transaction to transaction, and is often negotiable. We lend you this small amount of money, at an agreed interest rate. We can afford to do this, as we use something you own as collateral against the value of the loan. For example, you will bring in an old necklace or item of jewellery. Now bear in mind that we are only using jewellery as an example here. In actual fact almost anything can be used as collateral for the loan, providing it holds some value. We will then value it for you, and lend you that amount of money whilst holding the item as security to cover the cost of the loan we have given you. Providing you pay the loan back at the agreed price and by the agreed date, you will get your items back and everyone is happy.Pawn Shop Staten Island in New York

On the other hand if you find that you cannot afford to pay the loan back, or if you decide that you no longer require the item that has been left as security, then all you need to do is simply let us know, and we will instead sell the security item and use the funds generated from doing so to recoup our loan fees that way instead.

So you see, pawning your goods really is a flexible and easy way to get your hands on some fast cash.