Platinum buyers

Platinum Buyers Staten Island in NYThe business of where exactly to sell platinum in Brooklyn is a tricky one to say the least. Platinum buyers are a hard thing to come by on Staten Island, and finding the best possible buyers is close to impossible.

You see, when it comes to the business of where to selling this unwanted platinum in Brooklyn, not all buyers are the same. Buyers across Staten Island will all quote you vastly different prices for any and all of the old platinum pieces that you have for sale. That is why, historically if you wanted to sell your old platinum and be sure that you were selling it for the very best prices, you would have no choice other than to trawl around all of the platinum buyers in Brooklyn and get quotes from them all. Only by doing things this way could you be 100 per cent sure that you were getting the best possible deal for your old scrap platinum pieces. After all, the whole reason you want to sell the pieces in the first place is for the quick cash, right? So it is no good for you to just sell them to the first metal dealers that you come across, as you could then end up losing out on the top end prices that you deserve to get for your platinum.

Well, with Gold Rush that worry no longer exists. You can say goodbye to the long and laborious process of price comparison, and the hassle of getting quotes from all of the potential buyers in Staten Island before making your final decision. “Why is that” you ask? Well, quite simply, because we do it for you!

Every single day, we check our prices against other rival buyers in the Staten Island are to help make sure that the prices we offer remain as competitive and attractive as possible.

We are constantly comparing our buy back prices to that of other dealers around Brooklyn and Staten Island to make sure that the deals we offer to you when you are looking to sell platinum are the very best prices on the market.

We are so confident of our buy back prices in fact, that we guarantee that your decision to sell your unwanted stuff with us here in Brooklyn will be the right one for your wallet. We understand that the reasons for selling your old bits of scrap platinum are many and varied, but that does not mean that the buyback prices should

Platinum Buyers Staten Island in New York

be varied as well. The prices we quote our customers are consistently the best prices in Brooklyn, which makes Gold Rush your one stop shop for platinum sales.

Selling that unwanted platinum with Gold Rush is an easy experience, and a great way to give you some much needed extra cash. Cash which we can’t help but think would be much better spent on something that you actually want.

So if you think like us, then come on down to Gold Rush today, and find out how much your platinum is worth!