Watch buyers

Watch Buyers Staten Island in NYAre you looking for a place in Staten Island or Brooklyn to sell your watch? Are you fed up of being quoted buy back prices which you know are just way too low? Maybe you are wondering how it can be so hard to actually get rid of the watches that you have no use for any more.

Well then you are in safe hands here at Gold Rush, because we strictly offer only the very best prices on all of our watch buy backs.

Over the years, we have had people come to us to sell watches, who are at their wits end with trying to find the right watch buyers in Brooklyn. It is a sad and unfortunate reality within Staten Island today, that the process of going about getting rid of your old and useless watches, and thus get your hands on some much needed cash is becoming a real minefield of misinformation and misleading price quotes.

If, like us here at Gold Rush, you have had enough of being lead astray by misleading watch buyers, then we invite you to come on down to our store today, and begin the fight back revolution against the pushy and devious pawn shops and retail outlets that are out there right now.

Gold Rush is starting the revolution by providing a clear and transparent buy back price structure, which we absolutely guarantee will provide you with the best prices in Brooklyn not just today, but every day. This is exactly the reason why so many people choose to sell watches with us here in our Brooklyn based store and right here on this website.

And if you are impressed with how our service sounds so far, then trust us, you have yet to hear the best bit. You see, most people will think that their old watches may well be worth some money. It is no secret that watches, particularly older ones, are highly collectable and therefore can be worth vast amounts of money if sold correctly and to the right buyers.

Watch Buyers Staten Island in New YorkBut there is also a misconception out there among those of us who are looking to sell our old watches in Brooklyn and throughout Staten Island. And that misconception is that the watches have to be in fully working order to be able to reach their full potential resale value.

That little myth is simply not true. If a watch is in good condition and is the right make and model to be considered collectable, then it is collectable regardless of its working status, and you can still expect to reach a great buy back price for it none the less.

Often times when watches stop ticking, the fault inside them is something extremely simple, and our dedicated watch repairs teams will be on hand to restore these pieces back to their full and glorious working state.

By being able to repair most of the more common watch faults in house ourselves, this means that we are ideally placed to be able to offer you the very best buy back prices for your old watches, irrespective of their working condition.