We Buy Gold – Sheepshead Bay 11235

If you need some extra money, but aren’t sure where to get it, you might want to see if you have any gold you can sell. Places like We Buy Gold serve the Sheepshead Bay, NY 11235 area buying all types of gold (and other precious metals) for the highest rates anywhere. You’ll be able to get rid of old or unwanted gold items and get paid for it! Gold prices are at historic highs so you’ll likely be surprised at how much money you can get from selling your gold.

We Buy Gold – Who We Are

We Buy Gold is a pawn shop which has been serving the Sheepshead Bay area for years. We are dedicated to helping each of our customers by giving them top dollar for anything they bring to us to sell. We specialize in buying all sorts of precious metals, gemstones and jewelry. Some of the most common items we purchase include the following:
• Precious Metals – We buy gold, silver, platinum and any other precious metal you have. Even small amounts of these metals can be worth a lot of money so bring it in and we’ll take a look.
• Jewelry – We’re happy to buy just about any type of jewelry. If it’s in great shape we will resell it, or if it’s broken or damaged we can pay based on the precious metals it is made of.
• Gemstones & Diamonds – We buy all types of gemstones and diamonds. Whether you have loose stones or they are part of a piece of jewelry or other item, we’ll give you top dollar for them.
• Watches – We have expert watch buyers on staff at all times to evaluate your watch and make you a fair offer. We specialize in luxury watches of all types.
• Coins – We frequently purchase gold or silver coins from customers who are looking to turn their investment into cash. IF you’ve got collectable or antique coins we’ll buy those as well!

Pawn Shop Cash Loans

In addition to buying items from people, we also offer very flexible loans to our customers. These aren’t the traditional bank loans you might be thinking of though. We offer cash loans, or pawn loans, to clients who have something of value that they don’t want to sell. If, for example, you need a few thousand dollars for some sort of emergency you can bring in your engagement ring. We’ll analyze the ring and tell you how much money we can give you for it.
Rather than selling us the ring, however, you’ll take the money as a loan. We’ll keep the ring in our secured room until you can repay the loan plus a small amount of interest. These loans typically last four months before you have to pay off the loan. You can, of course, repay the loan at any time with no penalty and get your item back early.